SMEs Case Study – 10 – Seven Seas Innovation Co , Ltd

15th Anniversary O.E.I Group

Manufacturing Expo NEPCON Thailand Hot Shots 27 June 2015

เทปบันทึกรายการ SME ติดปีก ตอน O.E.I Parts

2nd Mfair BANGKOK 2015

24th (wed) – 27th (sat) June 2015 Business Matching Platform for Manufacture’s Network in Asia

M-TECH 2015

19th Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo 24th (wed) – 26th (Fri) : 10.00 –


An exhibition showcasing machinery and industrial technology for production optimization, aimed at facilitating the procurement

The first volunteer activity of 2016

On February 17th, 2016, O.E.I Parts Co., Ltd. organized a volunteer activity to clean the